Hi there people well your probably wondering why I’m up at this ridiculous hour at the moment well I’ve been up most of the night with dental issues but there’s another tale for some other time.
Anyhow in 5 days time it will be a year since I was diagnosed with AML, I guess I wanted to take a look back on the day I received news and how it was discovered. So I guess to start with I had no idea at the time that I was sick infact I was not showing any symptoms.
At the time my left leg had become quite swollen and tender and was hard to walk on, so I went to the doctor who at the time suspected it might be cellulitis and I was given antibiotics to treat it.
A few more days had passed and I was coming out in a rash when I took these antibiotics I ended up being rushed to hospital as my body had a very bad allergic reaction and my face was swelling up and to be honest looked like something from an 80s horror flick like that creature from the film ghoulies. You know the green one , ok well I did not go green but trust me I was no oil painting.
So after being looked at they were convinced it was not the antibiotics and told me to take a table anti inflammatory drugs like piriton, but continue to take the antibiotics which was a bad idea as I was breaking out in hives.
So by the time the weekend had passed and there was no improvement my doctor decided it was time to run a blood test.
I left and went on my merry way, 3am Tuesday morning there was the out of hours doctor knocking down our door trying to wake me and wife anyhow my wife went downstairs to answer it was after we realised it was our door and not someone else’s.
The doctor then came to make sure I was OK as my bloods had come back and because of the results they thought at the time I had sepsis but upon looking at me I was not showing signs of a person with it, unknown to me and my wife is was the AML taking over my body.
He requested I went straight back to my doctors and for another blood test to be run again.
By Wednesday my doctor wanted me admitted to hospital for Observation and for them to run some tests , more bloods were run upon my arrival and by Thursday it was decided by the registrar at the time he wanted to run a bone marrow aspiration, I was transferred up to the haematology ward to wait on the Thursday to go and get my bone marrow taken.
Later that day I was released from hospital and sent home to await the results which normally take up to 7 to 10 days within 24 hours by the Friday afternoon I received a phone call and was requested to return to the ward as there’s been an issue with my bone marrow, at this stage I knew something was wrong my dad had taught first aid for many years and I’d seen enough medical dramas to know what that meant.
However I dismissed what I knew as I could have been way off with it, did I think I had leukaemia a little but I’m no doctor.
So my wife ran me back to hospital those must have been the worst 24 hours of life or so I thought.
My wife was requested to be there with me Saturday morning at I think was 10am , by 10.30am 9th of March 2019 I was told I had Acute Myeloid leukaemia which was a blood and bone cancer.
I was numb I cried a little bit, hugged my wife and then heard how we were going to treat this, more than anything I had no idea how to feel that I was told I had a life threatening disease, which could be treatable and the goal was to get me into remission.
After some tears and more hugs my brain went in flight and fight mode, I still look back and think I just shut down my emotions as I knew I had the fight of life ahead of me.
I then remember we ended up in in the city where my wife went into curry’s to buy a Nintendo switch , I had always made jokes about buying one I never thought for moment this is how I ended up with one , it was so I could play games and stay in touch with my online friends as best bad possible.
I remember the ride home and how uncomfortable we both felt not knowing what to say to each other, I know I never want to feel like that again.
We arrived home and then I had to make some of the hardest phone calls in my life to my family before I had to return to hospital to get me prepared for tests to make sure I was fit enough and strong enough to begin treatments before arranging for me to have a pictt line fitted my blood counts I can tell you were just about none existent and that’s really bad to start with.
In my next blog I’ll talk about the tests they ran and run thorough of how I prepared myself mentally to start the figh. In my last blog I talked about round one with chemotherapy, but wanted to share with you the run up to that day when the real fight started.
Stay strong people , who might be in this fight now and living with Cancer or preparing themselves to begin what we call the journey. Thanks for reading form what I think I will call the Cancer Chronicles, hmm not a bad title there I guess.
PS here’s a photo of what I looked like!