Good morning world well it’s time that I reach out to all of you again as I do every week.

This week has been very interesting so far and last week was just as surreal.

With being as busy as I’am building the charity and holding down my day job and now dealing with isolation again thanks COVID , it got me thinking of the things I wanted to do this year but now I’m looking at next year I guess.

So I decided I wanted to publish my top ten living list, of all the things I’d like to do with family and friends now that I’m in remission from AML and hope to remain that for as long as possible, this does not include all the work I’ve already done with the charity this is my personal list and wishes.

1)Take my amazing wife and best friend , soul mate to Canada

2)Take a US road trip and see places like Roswell, Disneyland, and as many other places I could see in a month.

3) Attend some Gaming Expos like EGX, PAX etc…

4) Show my Daughters & Grandchildern all the amazing things that are possible

5) Be an amazing example and inspiration to others and show the world the best of humanity

6) Attend Download festival with friends

7) Go to Japan’s gaming culture and spend way too much money in video games

Ok 3 more to go:

8 ) Hire a massive camper van and visit some amazing places here in the UK with my wife and dog ?

9) Attend a MCM comic con

10) Wish for nothing for the best of some of my close friends that they achieve their dreams and help them as much as they have helped me.

Ok so that was a little harder than I thought.

All I need now is Aladdins Genie to make this happen …. stay safe , strong and well folks.