Hi everyone well time for the weekly blog from what many are calling the Cancer Chronicles.

Over the past few weeks I’ve written about lots of different topics , but not my second round of chemo for my AML.

At the end of my 1st cycle after spending about 5 weeks or so in hospital I was allowed to come home.

I remember my wife having to get a wheelchair to push me out after the 1st cycle of chemotherapy was barely able to walk.

By now my hair had fallen out, my eyebrows and eyelashes infact I’d say 90 percent of my body hair had gone due to the chemotherapy treatments.

Coming through my front door it felt alien to me and my surroundings felt like they weren’t my own.

I remember having to use a stick to walk around with I had gone from a fit and healthy 44 year old to 84 year old man.

14 days passed and the phone rang to inform me that they had a bed ready for me, all through my chemotherapy this was the day I always dreaded coming as I was about to start another round of chemotherapy and whole new round of issues as well.

The second cycle I was not as ill but the infections came back this time it was in my pict line and I was put on a round of antibiotics and the Pict line had to be removed to ensure there was no infection in the line itself which then slowed me down from coming home.

Having one pict line fitted can sometimes be rough but having another one fitted oh boy , oh I had to have another one again in 4th cycle as well and I had to have a another bone marrow test before I left after my 2nd cycle , by the way I’ve had four of these during my time so far and I hope I never have to have another one.

People moan about self isolation today because of covid 19 imagine doing it for 5 months with a 10 day break from hospital but only not to be able to go anywhere when you got home.

That was my new life and I’m sure it has been for many others.

Doing chemo is very tuff and there are tougher treatments out there as well for many cancer & leukaemia patients.

For us our journeys we walk the same path just with slightly different routes but all have one thing in common we walk the path alone during our treatments and it’s up to us to fight as we’re the only ones that can do it.

I guess I know now even more so how tom hanks felt in castaway now where do Wilson go?

Stay safe , and strong in these very unusual times for us all.