Today is feeling a bit tough on me this time last year I remember being at home after just being diagnosed with AML.

Having to make phone calls that must have been the toughest moment in my lifetime to make. I’ll be honest I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on stuff even gaming today which is a first for me.

I think I’m feeling very distracted and my thoughts are wandering around, all over the place. I know my life is better now but looking back over the last 12 months of my life today and I guess the future does scare me , Monday for me will be the hardest at that is the exact date 9th March 2019 when it all changed.

If I could have been Marty from back to the future would I have changed it no never , as that moment in time also defined me and changed me to the person who’s stands before you all today.

I’m positive about the future as I’m now building something amazing with people who I consider my other family outside of my own and could not ask for a better set of wonderful people to work with.

All I can dream of now is a better future and learning to live more , laugh and spend time with my loved ones.

Stay strong folks and remember to make every minute of your day count