Check out a recent podcast that we did with Catherine Knibbs on her podcast Cyber Synapse discussing gaming, trauma and cancer. This is why the work of Gamers Beat Cancer is so important and why mental health plays a big part of it all.

This is why the mission of “The Gift of Gmaing” is so important that we help bring as much joy and light to the cancer community.

Gamers Beat Cancer is a CIC based in the UK which began in the headspace of Steve Bracewell who finds himself fighting AML for the second time when we record this episode. I am joined by one of the other members of GBC; Ben Nicholls. The episode may be hard to hear for some, inspiring for others and exciting for those who can see what we aim to do to support Cancer patients, families and staff using…..Gaming..Huzzah!! Enjoy this episode, its raw and GBC means business. Timestamps (approx)

02:00 Steve explains what AML is and why he came to create GBC and what he sees for the vision of the work

12:00 Ben introduces himself, his story 25:00 The trauma of Cancer, the financial cost of Cancer and how the UK benefits system really needs a change here. 30:00 What hospitals look like to the patients, why lack of stimuli is unhelpful. Why gaming tablets may just be an answer

34:00 A call to action for Developers, Gaming, VR and Technology organisations!

36:00 why tech can provide patients a lifeline, agency and help where helplessness exists

41:00 Where the focus tends to be on heterosexual patients and families and why the LGBQTI+ community seemed to be missing groups, what GBC intends to do about this

50:00 Online gaming therapy with patients, (practised safely and ethically via specialist training of course!!)