Well folks, it’s been a while since I posted here in the blog. A lot has changed over the last few months here at Gamers Beat Cancer, and also my personal life as well as regards to my health. In November 2020 I relapased with my AML and was admitted to hospital early December where I was treated again with Chemo, but a much stronger mix to get me back into remission and to also now prepare for a bone marrow transplant and stem cell.

So as you can guess I spent my birthday and Christmas including the New Year fighting anothe level boss that I had to take care of. It was great that team all joined me online for a game of Jackbox on my birthday and certainly lifted my mood as well. I’ve been home now since mid Jan, and have been recovering well, the first few weeks we’re pretty rough I’ll admit.

Since I’ve got my strength back, I’ve been focused with the team to grow Gamers Beat Cancer, up until I have to return to hospital this time in Leeds for around 6 weeks to get my transplant, isolate and yes you guessed play video games, this time I’ll be taking my Xbox one with me and hanging out with the chaps on my Tuesday night session, producing videos for the Youtube Channel as well, so people can watch this hopefully final battle for a long time in this RPG I call my life now living with Cancer.

However I will be streaming over on our Twitch channel, talking about Cancer, Gaming & Tech, feel free to drop by in the chat.

Stay safe and well my friends: Steve (CEO/Founder)