Lorenzo has spent his entire life to date in hospital or at our hospice. His family were known to us originally via our perinatal service. His potential condition was diagnosed during pregnancy and we supported the family through the pregnancy helping them to come to terms with what their life might entail once Lorenzo was born.

Lorenzo is one of 6 children. Part of the reason he has never been able to live at home is because mum and dad need to move home into a bigger house that needs a range of adaptations in place, and it has been very difficult to find something suitable. Then COVID hit, all house moves were prevented, any building work would not have been able to take place and mum and dad, and all the siblings were no longer able to visit Lorenzo in hospital. From an NHS point of view, Lorenzo was at risk of COVID transmission if he was in hospital when he didn’t need to be there.

Lorenzo has been with us since March. His family visit whenever they want to as we have developed a secure means for them to come in and out of the hospice. Our nursing has improved Lorenzo’s health to the point where he no longer needs any medications and is now ready to go home. A new home is being prepared as we write and we have been supporting the family with home visits to help them manage Lorenzo’s care and help him to enjoy time with and get to know his siblings.

A Wii console was provided to the children, Lorenzo’s brothers and sisters, who have been through a very stressful time, worrying about COVID, worrying about their baby brother, worrying about moving home and school, not seeing their friends, not being able to go out. This is what mum had to say about the gift:

“The kids have loved playing on the Wii, especially during the holidays with it been lockdown. They’ve been brilliant at sharing and taking it in turns and even enjoyed playing together on it! There was loads of games to choose from so the kids were spoilt for choice but there favourite one was the dancing.”