Hi everyone, we hope you are all well and doing great things in the world. Last night we we’re fortunate enough to be featured in a story on the ITN regional news network, We’ve just hit a 1000 views to date over Twitter and climbing… Here is an exert or two  from the piece.

“Video games often get bad press and we all know spending too much time in front of a screen isn’t good for you. You might not know it but during the isolation of lockdown they’ve proved to be a godsend for many people undergoing cancer treatment” as @OtisHolmes reports.

Steven Bracewell using gaming as a coping mechanism during his cancer treatment, he has now founded an organisation that donates consoles and games to other patients.

He said: “It means that someone is actually thinking about what you are going through and I can obviously relate to that because I know what it’s like unfortunately deal with a cancer journey. But it also helps to bring families together.”

You can see the full story here : https://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2021-04-23/the-people-using-gaming-to-stay-connected-whilst-having-chemotherapy