Gamers Beat Cancer

Mikes Story Part 2:

You remember a while back we sent Mike a gaming headset, which he could use on his phone to watch films, YouTube and chat with friends.

I recently found out that he did not actually own a console and had a love of video games especially WWF & WK Games and used to own an xbox 360 which was no longer with him due to passing on and going to silcone heaven.

Mike is living with AML and is now 7 years post-transplant, however it has left him with some awful side effects, which effects his memory, mobility & his heart, which he lives with on a daily basis, this also led to him to being not able to work because of all the side efefcts.

Like any cancer patient Mike struggles with depression and can affect him in his day to day living.

However he always has a smile and laughs and loves life when chat with each other.

After hearing this from Mike and a phone to call to him, the money that you helped donate to Gamers Beat Cancer through our fundraising streams, and regular twitch streams we we’re able to get an XBOX one, with games and a soundbar to improve his games sound quality and being able to watch movies with cinema effect which he loves to do with his partner.

Due to COVID Mike is one of many I have read or spoken to that normal is far from them, so he spends a lot of time in the house and avoids lots of social contact with others, through our gift Mike can now enjoy meeting new friends in the cancer community, to learn,play and heal and find support with others via the power of video games and tech.

He now owes me a game online ! (LOL)

He is looked after by his partner who also cares for her son who is autistic and suffers from regular bleeds on the brain.

By providing The Gift of Gaming this a true testament to our work for cancer patients, caregivers and their families and this has been done with your kind generosity by means of support, sharing our social media posts of the work we do, helping us highlight and raise awareness and your donations of pre-owned consoles and games, including cash donations, bits and subs through the Twitch channel, Paypal and Just Giving.

“We thank you for all your help making these stories happen, so in the battle with cancer and the mental health impact of the trauma of living with cancer.”

Steven Bracewell (CEO/Founder)
“Lets Have More Game On Than Game Over!”