Gamers Beat Cancer

I recently got to know John quite well, through on of our gaming nights over on Xbox in Destiny 2. John is living stage 4 terminal prostate cancer, and like many has issues with mental health. John explained that since being diagnosed video games and wooding as he puts it have become an important part of his day to day life.

He’s found our gaming nights great fun and is meeting new people with the same interests, giving a sense of community and friends to lean when he needs them.

I was also shocked to learn that his 4-year-old grandson has now been diagnosed with brain cancer as well, so John has a lot to bosses to beat for himself and remain a strength of courage for his grandson.

Through kind gaming partners Fanatical games, we we’re able to donate some games to himself and his grandson to play. This is the power that “The Gift Of Gaming” can bring to cancer communities, caregivers and their families.
With this kind of support cancer patients, need to feel alive, a part of a community that opens their imagination to new worlds and adventures, where our bodies sometimes can’t take us.
Like me John and Mike running around the moon of Europa on Destiny 2.