Gamers Beat Cancer

So about me, in February 2018 at the age of 25, I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer, the cancer was cut out in March then I had to undergo radioactive iodine treatment in Velindre (Cardiff). The whole “getting rid” of the cancer wasnt actually the thing that affected me most, it was the aftermath of the diagnosis. Being diagnosed with cancer was the most horrific thing that I have ever had to deal with; the uncertainty of “what next” and the inevitable “scanxiety” were all things about to come. My mental health took a massive tumble after my diagnosis which was not helped by the fact that after treatment I had to self isolate due to the fact that I was radioactive and could potentially harm those closest to me. However, during this isolation period, I rekindled my love for gaming, playing online games was a way to connect with my friends. Since then I have been playing all sorts of games on the Xbox and have found that it is a fantastic way to express any stress or anxiety I may have. Gaming has massively helped in my recovery from cancer and I hope that others find the same solitude as I have in the gaming community.

Through “The Gift Of Gaming” we sent David a new controller and a copy of Assassins Creed Odessey and some Bullguard goodies