Diane asked us for help with her problem.

“Hi, I saw your post on the Facebook group shine. I have just been diagnosed with anal cancer which at 34 has came as a real shock especially as I just had a baby 9 weeks ago. I have my appointment tomorrow at christies hospital to discuss stage and treatment. Do you help with tv’s and device to watch tv even just you tube or netflix? I am spending a lot of time in bed already as I have a large external tumour which is causing excruciating pain and can only lie on my side or sit for short periods on my side and the medication makes me very sleepy. A tv for my room would be very much appreciated as I wouldn’t be lay up there staring at the walls or my phone googling everything I shouldn’t. ”

Through “The Gift Of Gaming” & Tech4Good we came up with a much better idea, as we understood she would still be going under treatment, we sent her a 10.1inch tablet. Here’s the response.

“Hi, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tablet it’s fab. I start treatment on the 24th and will make all the hospital trips that little more bearable instead of staring at the walls. You have done a wonderful thing for people going through the darkest days of there life and I for one won’t forget the kindness. Thank you once again”