Gamers Beat Cancer
Hi, my name is Sarah I’m 45 and was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer almost exactly 3 years ago. My prognosis was poor and I have been on chemo every two weeks ever since.
One major side effect has been that due to having so many steroids as part of my treatment I developed cataracts in both eyes which resulted in surgery. My eyesight now is not great and I’m no longer able to see my TV screen properly. As a gamer, this has been a real pain as you all know when your poorly they pass the time and keep your brain active!
I’ve been reliant on puzzle type games on my phone which I can see much better but it’s not the same.
When I found out about this brilliant charity I thought we’ll why not apply they can only say no.
Well, this morning I became the proud owner of a Nintendo switch. I’ve just set it up and I can see the screen really well. I’ve loaded up some old favourites and couldn’t be happier. Even better now for my chemo sessions they will pass so much quicker and no more rubbish puzzle games!
Thank you so much Gamers Best Cancer I’m really made up with your wonderful gift.