Thank you so much for my PlayStation 4 and game! I really love it, ever since my cancer diagnosis, life has not been the same! I reacted very badly to the chemo and was bedridden almost all the time, which caused bad muscle waste! It also triggered fibromyalgia and lipedema, as well as lymphoedema and severe nerve damage to the right arm due to my mastectomy!

Due to all this, I can’t go much further than the bottom of my street without being in severe pain, so I now spend 24/7 indoors! And if I’m feeling really sick in my bed!

Life has been very boring and at times depressing,

Only so many times I can watch tv until it starts giving me repeats! Now that I have a PlayStation I have been able to fill my time up more and play different games. So I don’t get bored.

Even met some friends on online games!

Life is still hard but gamers beat cancer have helped make it that little bit easier. So thank you