Gamers Beat Cancer

In 2015 at the age of 2, Imogen was diagnosed with optic chiasm glioma and optic nerve gliomas and underwent 19 months of intensive chemotherapy. Throughout the treatment, the tumours had caused Imogen’s vision to deteriorate giving her no choice but to register her as blind.

She is blind in her left eye and severely sight impaired in her right eye.

The intensive chemotherapy caused Imogen to have bronchiectasis (a type of lung disease which causes pneumonia several times throughout the year).

With the type of brain tumour, Imogen has got, studies find that approximately at the age of 8-9 once treatment has been completed the tumour would cause no further issues or wouldn’t ‘reactivate’, it would just gradually die down. Rarely chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy or surgery is required after initial treatment.

Waxing and waning are very common with these tumours and can be seen throughout on MRI scans, which is extremely normal.

This was the case for Imogen, she had clear scans for at least 3 years. (she had 3 monthly scans for a year, then continued to have 6 monthly scans) and the waxing and waning period started but wasn’t causing any real concerns until November 2021, oncologists and neurologists found that her tumour was extremely bright on the most recent MRI scan and explained that it needed to be monitored closely as previous scans also showed slight illumination instead of the typical ‘waxing and waning’. The possibility of further treatment was discussed also.

In June 2022 Imogen had another MRI scan and the results showed the optic chiasm glioma was active and was also bulging on one side of the tumour which indicates slight growth, professionals also found an additional tumour on the posterior fossa which is a separate tumour and isn’t secondary to the chiasm glioma or optic nerve gliomas

Chemotherapy treatment is to commence very soon for initially 12 months, we hope that the Nintendo switch brings her hours of joy whilst during chemo and we hope she is able to escape to new and far-off lands.