My Story Of Survival

I launched this website to help gamers and people who have been directly and indirectly affected with this life threatening illness and the mental illness it can also cause within some people whilst going under treatment and moving forward with their lives and living with Cancer long-term and in remission.

In March 2019, my life was changed forever, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukaemia called AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia).

I was admitted into Bradford Royal Infirmary where my battle would start, and would begin the fight for my life.

Throughout my lonely journey and the battle with this disease, I spent a lot of time in isolation and I have always had a great passion for video games since the age of 11 when I received my first computer which back then was a Commodore Plus 4.

Computer and video games have always served as a release for me from everyday life and now I needed them more than and not to feel disconnected from my online friends whilst receiving my treatment in hospital.

Video games also helped me feel as normal as I could in-spite of my situation and kept me distracted from my harsh reality that I was facing.

Beating AML for me was one of the hardest battles, I have ever fought in my life, and have played some very tough video games in my time.

Through Gamers Beat Cancer I wanted to share my passion of computer and video games and my love of technology with others and to invite others to share their experience through gaming and help find an escape whilst on this journey.