“The quality of life and care are important aspects of cancer survivorship and there is now a greater focus on recovery, health and well being after treatment.

Whilst LGBTQIA+ people report many good experiences of care, there are some areas that still need attention.

At Gamers Beat Cancer, we believe in diversity and emotional support within communties in all walks of life and minorities.

Part of our mission is to create a structured support system which will also be served under “The Gift Of Gaming”  for the LGBTQIA+ community living with cancer and to provide support to their caregivers.

We at Gamers Beat Cancer we have noticed the lack of support for this diverse community and we feel the for this need to be addressed and for a safe , non judgemental environment to be created where the community are able to interact with others from the same community.

We have a range of activities and events planned and further information to publish in coming weeks.

We want to assure the LGBTQIA+ community your voice has been heard and Gamers Beat Cancer are here to support you and your rights.”

Steven Bracewell (Director/Founder)