“Sponsorship Is A Great Way To Market Your Business With

Gamers Beat Cancer As Part Of Your Corporate Social Responsibility”

Your sponsorship will help our community by:

  • “The Gift of Gaming” programme, which enables us to donate new and used consoles, games and peripherals to cancer patients living long term with this disease and provide support for their caregivers and families.
  • Develop gaming zones for use in therapy within hospices.
  • Launching our own dedicated gaming servers for some of the most popular games, so cancer patients never have to miss out on communicating with others in curated play within a safe environment.
  • Develop virtual reality & augmented reality to help enhance the lives of cancer patients.

We are so proud of what we’ve already achieved, but this is just the start of our journey.

We aim to help as many people as we can with “The Gift of Gaming”.

With your support of generous businesses, we can sustain our current programmes and get new programmes developed to help our community.

We’d love an opportunity to discuss Gamers Beat Cancer, our current programmes, and our plans for the future.

If you’re interested in what we do and you’d like to explore working with us, you’re welcome to give us a call or reach out by email.

We can also organise a video call just let us know your availability.