Gamers Beat Cancer

My Story Of Survival

In March 2019, my life was changed forever, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukaemia called AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia); it has been discovered that I have a rare genetic form. I have battled this disease three times and have recently had a stem cell transplant in the space of two years.

Throughout my lonely journey and the battle with this disease, I spent a lot of time in isolation. Since the age of 11 when I received my first computer, I have always had a great passion for video games and tech beginning with the Commodore Plus 4. I now needed them more than ever and not to feel disconnected from my online friends while receiving my hospital treatment.

Video games helped me feel as normal as I could despite my situation and kept me distracted from the harsh reality that I was facing.

Beating AML for the 1st time was one of the hardest boss battles I have ever fought in my life with a slim chance of respawning, then it came back and I faced another secret boss.

This has been the toughest RPG I have played in my life and there still are more levels to come.