Our Founder

Gamers Beat Cancer

Steven Bracewell 

Steve is the brainchild behind Gamers Beat Cancer, he grew up with computers and consoles during the microchip revolution of the ’80s. Steve is living with AML which is blood cancer and can be challenging to treat, and he has now been battling for 3 years. He is an avid gamer, and games collector including consoles, and streams once a month on the Gamers Beat Cancer Twitch channel with his show “The Download” with Punkee Judesteer. 

Our Patron

Jason Bradbury

Best Known for TV

With an infectious passion for technology and science, Jason brings a natural confidence to his performances on camera rarely matched in factual television. In a TV career spanning over twenty years he has hosted shows on just about every major UK TV channel from Channel 4, to ITV, BBC and of course, most memorably for Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. His comic instincts developed during his years as a stand-up alongside double act partner David Walliams (Britain’s Got Talent, Little Britain) are matched by a deep understanding of technology.

The Original Social Media Influencer

Jason has been at the centre of the social media influencer movement since the early days of Twitter and now with Instagram. He and his small team of tech and social media marketing specialists have helped hundreds of brands build online buzz around their products and services. 


Jason regularly speaks in front of huge audiences for brands including Vodafone, Samsung, Intel and hundreds more. His ‘Thousand Year Decade’ and ‘Lockdown Decade’ speeches, predict the dramatic changes to come over the next ten years in A.I, Blockchain, Energy and Health and have made him one of the UK’s most sort after event keynotes.

Meet Our Trustees

Gamers Beat Cancer

Catherine Knibbs MSC, PGDip, BSc (Hons)
(Mental Health Director) 

Catherine is an Interpersonal Neurobiological practitioner using theoretical integration of Neuroscience and Attachment and synthesising this with Transactional Analysis and Functional Medicine approaches with Technology. She is one of a kind in this field!

She is a critical thinker and will challenge even the most robust research and theories and often explains this to her clients, as she is fully aware of the changing landscape of sense-making in a word of information, misinformation and disinformation. She is an advocate for the rights of children and adults in a digital world and has a high level of integrity in this area. She is a disruptor and often pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking and biases.

Gamers Beat Cancer

Andrew Berry
(Twitch & Online Media Channels Director)

Andrew is a variety streamer on Twitch under the handle harveytoadface.

Since starting streaming in 2017, he has raised over £7000 through
fundraising streams for a number of good causes.

He is now channeling his fundraising efforts under the Gamers Beat
Cancer banner and recently raised over £2000 in a 24 hour fundraising
stream in March 2021.

Gamers Beat Cancer

David Wright
(Director Of Partnerships)

Founder and MD of JLS Technologies Limited, David has worked in many capacities in the I.T. Industry since 1997. JLS Technologies is a sales and marketing company that brings major I.T. brands from around the world to the Northern European market.

At GBC, my role is to bring Gaming, Tech, Corporate sponsors to help develop relationships and GBC as a leading brand in the fight against cancer.

With brands such as AMD, Bullguard, CMS Distribution working with GBC we have been able to build sponsor high-end gaming PCs and online auctions to raise money for GBC which in turn helps GBC to give back via “The Gift Of Gaming.”

Ben Read ( GBC Brand & Service Manager)

My passion is to build habit-forming products and services. No matter the business size, goal, or market, I turn concepts into products and design, deploy, and deliver a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that is built for user success and sustainable business growth.

Craig Fletcher (GBC Business & Esports Director)

One of the earliest pioneers of Esports, Craig started a dial-up Doom 2 league in 1994.  He then founded Multiplay in 1997 and led its growth to become the UK’s largest video gaming events and Esports company, as well as the biggest provider of online gaming servers. After selling the company to GAME Digital PLC in 2015, Craig led the strategy and partnerships around Esports and competitive gaming for the GAME Group. Since leaving in 2017 works as a business angel, consultant and investor in the Esports, media, tech and video gaming space. 

Gamers Beat Cancer

Samantha Stallard BCBA, MSc, MBPsS, BSc (Hons)

I am lucky enough to have followed a career path that I enjoy and makes a measurable positive impact.

I have an interest in applying behaviour science to support culture change across both micro and macro environments, working with the private and public industry.
Working with stakeholders to come to agreeable and achievable outcomes for all parties involved, I have experience in working with small and large businesses to support them implementing nudges and customer behaviour.

Working directly with people and systems around them I’ve got a track record of implementing programmes which aim to improve peoples quality of life through skill teaching and decrease their challenging behaviour by the use of functional behaviour assessments.
I have over a decades experience working within the learning disabilities and mental health field in various capacities.

In my personal time I enjoy socialising, cooking and gardening.

Meet Our Members

Gamers Beat Cancer

Robin Bates A.K.A Coaching For Geeks

Coaching for Geeks is all about the triforce of geekdom.
Confidence. Life Skills. Gaming.
(it’s about everything else life throws at us too but those things don’t fit neatly into a memorable triangle).
Whether you need a kick up the arse to get shit done, want to grow your audience online, saw us at a comic con and want to say hi, or just want to be around geeky friends – it’s Coaching for Geeks! AA
Cooking. Comic Cons. Cosplay. Careers. And other words beginning with other letters too! Turning Geeks into Heroes since 2016
Jason - Profile Pic

Jason Lax (ESK GG)

Jason began his career as Chartered Accountant before spending a number of years working in senior finance and commercial roles at sizeable international advertising groups. After managing a high-performance sportswear brand, Jason found that gamers had very few options to explore their creativity and find high-quality kits after a change of scenery. This led him to create ESK.GG a dedicated clothing brand for esports teams and gamers to design their own jerseys. ESK’s focus is to be a purposefully inclusive brand that partners with relevant charities and helps to make a difference.

Dr.David Tully (VR&AR Development)

Founder and director of Scenegraph Studios, a creative development family, AR, VR, web3D/AR/VR, web and a whole lot more. Ph.D., BSc(Hons). Unreal Engine 4 developer utilising Serious Games Technologies for Interactive applications. 

Gamers Beat Cancer

Trista Bytes (Youtuber/Streamer/Influencer)

Hooked on comics since she discovered her first Xmen comic in the local corner shop. Hooked on manga/anime since she realised the wonderful stories & drawings in Megadrive RPGs were manga style. Hooked on sci-fi & fantasy since watching Star Trek Original Series, Flight of the Navigator, Star Wars & Dr Who as a kid (that last one from behind a sofa). Youtuber on all things Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Comic book, manga, anime & related movies. Features, news, reviews, interviews & the occational rant…

Gamers Beat Cancer

Jude AKA Punkeejudester

Hi guys! I’m Jude. I’m a gamer, teacher and I also host a YouTube channel called Punkee Judester.  Have a good one 🙂

 I teach gaming-related subjects at Laval3Di at UCO Laval.

Subjects I teach:

Gaming History

Gaming Industry History and Theories

New Media and Community

History of Communications

Gaming Cancer Chairty

Kevin Smith  (Yondercloud)

Passionate Technologist with broad industry experience and success in developing and executing commercial strategies that exploit disruptive technologies and trends with cross-functional outcomes. Demonstrated history of competence in delivering projects and solutions through the use of HPC, GPU transformation, artificial intelligence and “cloud” / “platform” strategies.

Personal interest in the digital creative industry including animation, gaming and photography. Currently focused on the research and development of mixed reality solutions to enhance the effectiveness of various engagement scenarios and learning strategies. 

Charlotte Marange

Charlotte is a creative marketing professional dedicated to the gaming industry with the will to make it inclusive for females and the LGBT+ community. She always felt there was something missing in the promotion & marketing of the industry and wants to be that missing ingredient. 
She provides some marketing advice and prospecting support, plus helping out to develop in the French region

Craig Winfield

Craig is an esports and commercial manager at Epic Global. Working alongside some of the biggest esports orgs in Europe and the USA.

He also works alongside traditional sports teams and players in esports and gaming IP to work on strategy and partnerships.

With over 2 decades of experience working for either global brands or within esports,

Craig will be supporting Gamers Beat Cancer with partnerships, marketing and organising events.

He is an avid gamer and currently playing Halo mostly but eagerly awaiting the release of Company of Heros 3.