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“Using Games To Beat Cancer”

Gamers Beat Cancer is a registered Communities Interest Company (CIC).

We support people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all types of cancer to manage the mental health issues that come with living with cancer, and the emotional trauma that accompanies cancer diagnoses, prognosis, and treatment.

We also look to support caregivers and families.

We ensure that this community is given extra support to play, learn and heal with “The Gift Of Gaming”.

We embrace the culture of gaming, technology, and community.
We work with charity partners to build a larger network of support for cancer patients, caregivers, and their families.

The Gamers Beat Cancer team fully embraces the core belief that through the power of gaming, this can help with can help the healing process. The benefits of playing computer games and using technology enable the creation of new shared experiences that can help enrich the lives of others in our community.

“Let’s Have More Game On Than Game Over”.

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Every donation and gaming platform we donate helps change the lives of people battling this life-threatening disease.

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