We’re Beating Cancer One Level At A Time
Focusing on mental health within cancer communities

Gamers Beat Cancer deals with the mental health issues that comes living with cancer and the emotional trauma that it causes and providing the same level of support for their caregivers which is just as important.

We ensure that this community is given extra support to play, learn and heal with “The Gift Of Gaming”.  

This is our foundation of our team and its community and it’s culture, supporting our cancer community and our charity network with our support services alongside our in house programme developments which help enrich the lives of  our communties and help benefit our charity partners.

Gamers Beat Cancer is a unique not for profit organisation and the team fully embrace the core belief that through the power of gaming can help the healing process and with the benefits it brings by playing, learning and healing which can creates new shared experiences in using gaming and technology for good to help enrich the lives of others within our community that we support with your help.

“Lets Have More Game On Than Game Over”.

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The Cancer Community And Covid

2020 has been a very difficult year for cancer patients and their caregivers. Looking ahead in 2021 the cancer community still faces a very difficult challenge. For many people it has become a prison for them, which means they can face isolation, some scared and very alone as some are more likely to die if they contract Covid-19. Also with being immunocompromised means a lot of them cannot be with friends or even some family. Thats why 2021 we aim to make it the biggest year for 2021 with The Gift Of Gaming, but we cannot do it all alone. So however you help by donating video games and consoles or tech we can provide the cancer community with a chance of escapism and immersion to help with their mental well-being.

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Playing A New Game In Co-op With Our Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to all our corporate donors and sponsors who are in this fight with us, and who have supported our cause and have helped raise awareness of our organisation and it’s goals and objectives. Which have enabled us to help so many people in our cancer community.

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Levelling Up Our Fight On Cancer
With Our Charity Partners

Your Donations Make A Real Difference

Every donation and gaming platform we donate helps change the lives of people battling this life threatening disease.

With your help in co-op with us we’ve only just started the game. Help us today by donating to our cause.

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